Cosmic Cavern is a Western Canadian Music award winning multidisciplinary creative outlet with a focus on music based visual work. Cosmic was started in early 2015 by illustrative designer and musician Shalom Toy while completing her bachelor of design degree at the Alberta University of the Arts (formally ACAD) in 2017. Shalom has since created work leaning into print, digital and motion based formats.
Applications & Capabilities 
illustration • record packaging • merch • posters • photo manipulation • retouching • creative direction • video editing • photography • colour grading • film • animation • motion graphics • kinetic typography • visual identity • information design • user experience • product and demographic research • positioning • brand guide development • 3D rendering • colour theory implementation
More about Shalom

Most Used Programs: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects
Favourite Designers: Invisible Creature, Strange Practice, Doublenaut, Studio Muti
Illustrators: Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Vivian Mineker, Kaspain Shore 
Records: “Pink Moon” Nick Drake, “The Swiss Army Romance” Dashboard Confessional, "Nothing is Sound" Switchfoot, "Love You in the Dark" Sombear
Producers: Brad Hale, Joel Little, Tawgs Salter
Nervous About: Komodo dragons, wearing midi rings, forgetting my mask at home
Likes: Honeydew, memes, core demograph / project research, baja blast
Dislikes: Seasonal allergies, a hard drive's ability to crash, black liquorice
Guitar Strings: Martin M170 extra light 
TV Shows: Heroes, Prison Break, The OA
Movies: A Walk to Remember, Nacho Libre, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ready Player 1
Wants to Learn: drums, to draw with both hands, a good card trick 
Has Learned: Limitation and discomfort can fuel your strongest bodies of work
Don’t rely on anyone to care the way you do about something and act on it in the way that you will
The kind of person you are trumps the work you do
Myers Briggs: INFP 
Enneagram: 4
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