Cosmic Cavern Studio is a Western Canadian Music Award winning outlet, by multidisciplinary designer and musician Shalom Toy (Silvering) that focuses on helping musicians, music based entities and others — increase their impact through creative that embraces it's origins and prioritizes intentionality.
Drawing inspiration from album artwork and music packaging during her formative years, Shalom immersed herself in various visual arts interests. As a self-taught illustrator, she was guided by a resourceful (sometimes delulu) approach to bringing creative work to life. During a high school art class, a teacher's suggestion to explore graphic design sparked Shalom's path into connecting various artistic interests. 
This led her to delve into the field, eventually pursuing a Bachelor of Design with a major in graphic design at Alberta University of the Arts, where her art teacher who inspired her creative shift also taught. Years later with a continued love for design, bands, music, creative storytelling and problem solving — it is work that remains close to heart. The goal is to create work that solves a problem using honesty and intention as a tool ahead of its aesthetics. 
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1. Purpose → Method
discovery • goals • impact
2. Approach → Disciplines
creative direction • graphic design • illustration • typography • motion graphics • 2D animation • 3D modelling + animation • photo manipulation • colour grading • video editing • colour theory implementation • naming • copy 
3. Solution → Projects
project planning • design strategy • event + festival branding • music packaging • product packaging • social media asset design • visual identity development + implementation • merch design • poster design • 2D + 3D animation • brand guide creation • advertising elements • ect

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