Design plays an integral role in depicting and elevating a musician's resonance through the work they release. However as social formats change and content delivery diversifies, more becomes necessary to further carry and project the music, product or story being communicated.
Cosmic Cavern Studio is a Western Canadian Music Award winning outlet, by illustrative designer and musician Shalom Toy (Silvering), that focuses on helping musicians, music based entities and others — increase their impact through creative that embraces it's origins and pushes the reach of intentionality.
Design at its strongest seeks to tell the truth, remove barriers and transform a potential weakness into a differentiating core strength. Stunning design can get your attention but what informs it can capture value at the level you want to operate without getting lost in translation. See below for some of the process.

1. Purpose → Method
discovery • goals • direction
2. Approach → Disciplines
graphic design • illustration • motion graphics • animation • info design • typography • 3D modelling + motion • photo • manipulation • colour grading • video editing • colour theory implementation 
3. Solution → Projects
music packaging • product • animation focused lyric video • visual identity development + implementation • merch • tour poster • music festival branding • brand guide development • 360° product modelled video • advertising elements • ect
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